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“Kristin was there to listen to me in my darkest hour. She really listened and helped me make sense of what the clinicians were telling us about my mother. We just needed that ear, someone to put the situation into perspective. Someone to help us understand.”

Amanda K.- daughter

“I needed to understand what the options were for my stubborn father. Kristin was there to help me find the local resources and helped me understand why my father is so stubborn- I guess I am too”

Johnny L.- son

“My mother fell and was home on the floor for 3 days. I was beside myself. Kristin put a plan in place for me to follow from hospital stay to rehab to home again with the right caregivers in place.  And all while I was out of state.  We will be talking again before winter to get mom into a proper community”

Elise F.- daughter

“If you need a question answered, an ear, a shoulder Miss Kristin is who to call. We have worked in the industry together for 15 years.”

Evelyn R. – RN MSW

“My aunt was in a community setting and we as a family were terribly unhappy.  Kristin did help us to understand some of the concerns we had were “real” and some were our own misunderstanding of the situation and my aunts progression into dementia”

Lacy D.- Niece POA

“I felt so much guilt and resentment toward my father that I was almost paralyzed. I was thankful to have found Guidance for Senior Care while sitting at the hospital for the 5th time in a month. We took 3 weeks to put a plan together and I have gone back to being my father’s daughter. Do not hesitate to reach out to Kristin.”  

Avril P.- daughter

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