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Hey everyone!  Let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible importance of hydration, particularly for our seniors. 💙And yes especially the ones who won’t drink because then they must pee. Sadly, that is a common statement! “I can’t drink anything– then I must use the restroom…”

We still need to fight that fight…

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As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, and staying adequately hydrated becomes even more crucial. Water is a lifeline that supports numerous bodily functions, and it’s vital for seniors to prioritize hydration for their overall well-being.  What we all must remember is hydration is just as important for us as caregivers as well. Stress, busy schedules, missing meals and even too much coffee all add to dehydration. As a caregiver the importance of fluid intake is crucial so you can continue to support your loved one.  Personally, I am struggling with long term Lyme disease and have had to up my fluid intake by quite a bit. I thought I was drinking enough throughout the day but I was tricking myself. 

We all have read and we all “know“ hydration and proper fluid intake is important and here are a few reminders as to why-

1️⃣ Maintaining Vital Organs: Water is like a magical elixir that keeps our organs functioning optimally. Proper hydration helps seniors support their kidneys, liver, and other vital organs, enabling them to flush out toxins efficiently and maintain good health.

2️⃣ Enhancing Cognitive Function: Hydration plays a significant role in preserving cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that dehydration can lead to cognitive decline and impair concentration and memory. By drinking enough water, seniors can support their mental sharpness and stay mentally agile.

3️⃣ Promoting Physical Health: Adequate hydration is essential for maintaining joint health, muscle function, and overall physical well-being. It helps seniors prevent muscle cramps, lubricate joints, regulate body temperature, and support healthy digestion. Staying hydrated contributes to an active and vibrant lifestyle.  Fluid intake is proven to help with inflammation and swelling, reduce edema and decrease urinary tract infections in some.

4️⃣ Managing Medication: Many seniors take multiple medications, some of which can have side effects like increased urination or dry mouth. By staying hydrated, seniors can better manage these effects and ensure their medications work as intended.  Many medications can cause constipation with lack of proper fluid intake. Truly all these statements are applicable for ALL of us, not just the 55 and over crowd!

5️⃣ Supporting Healthy Aging: Hydration is an essential component of healthy aging. It helps seniors ( and all of us) maintain skin elasticity, keeping it supple and reducing the risk of dryness and wrinkles. Proper hydration also supports a robust immune system, ensuring seniors can fight off illnesses more effectively.

Please encourage our seniors to prioritize hydration in their daily routine. Here are a few tips to help them stay hydrated:

🚰 Encourage them to drink water throughout the day, even if they don’t feel thirsty, even if they say then I will have to pee.

🍉 Incorporate hydrating fruits and vegetables into their diet, like watermelon, cucumbers, and oranges. I keep cucumbers cut up in my fridge all the time and have gotten my 85 year old neighbor to do the same.

⏰ Set reminders or use apps to help them track their water intake. Alexa can remind your loved one, and you!

Amazon echo

🧃 Offer flavored water or herbal teas as a refreshing alternative to plain water.

 My naturopath suggested a few products for me to try throughout the day and the few that I found the easiest, best tasking and helpful are:

Sugar free Liquid Therapy 

Liquid IV

This is my particular favorite and is getting me through the Lyme disease regime to recovery:

IV Therapy

Remember, every sip counts! Let’s keep our seniors ( and ourselves)  hydrated and ensure we all enjoy vibrant, healthy lives. 💙💦

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