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Guidance for Senior Care

Are you feeling lost in a maze of caring for a loved one?
let me guide you to a solution

We all just want to do the right thing by our family and loved ones

I believe wholeheartedly you deserve to understand, to be informed and to have unbiased support to navigate the senior care maze.

Are you chasing one crisis after another, with no clear answers, struggling each day, afraid when the phone rings it’s the next problem for you to solve? Has caring for someone affected your relationships, your family, your job and your mental health? Are you resenting the positon a loved ones illness has put you in?
It is my personal joy to be here for you and your loved ones. From the smallest question to a major life change.
My time is yours and my hours to support you can be very flexible as I understand despite these crises you have work, family and other obligations.
Let me be your support. Reach out today.

Kristin J Grenier: Certificate in Gerontology, BA in English with Communications and Sociology. Ongoing hands on multi-disciplinary experience in the senior care arena for more than 25 years. Notary Public for State of Connecticut.

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